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Brinco de cobra

Snake ear wrap gauges - Now if only there was something like this for those of us who prefer not to stretch our ears. This is awesome.

I'm a cat lover, therefore I need these!

14 Karat Karma

14 karat cat ring, I really want this found old maid cat lady as navi cat

Buying a ring to carry around in case I ever bump into her

Hi everyone, My name is Monica. My company is called Bohisha I am an indigo-hippie-dreadhead, a bilingual linguist, a practical dreamer, an armchair gypsetter.

:) kieroO unoO

Tiny And Surprising Ear Piercings To Try In We have always felt that when it comes to the landscape of woman or girl’s looks, one of the most undervalued features is the ears.


Ear cuff have pierced to be able to show off. Easily found in jewelry a row of small earrings to the earlobe. Ear cuffs idea by top fashion-able celebrity

"disney princess rings" and THIS is their ariel !?!? I am honestly insulted..

Sierra from Heck Yeah Disney Merch used Gemvara to create these Disney-princess-inspired rings — and they are spot-on, right down to the personalized engraving. You can buy Ariel's ring here!