fougères Umbrella: awarita

Licuala ramsayi - Australian Fan Palm ("umbrella ferns") Dainree National Park, Queensland - by Anders Lanzen

Lipstick Palm Tree - exotic palm

:There is no such things as magic, though there is such a thing as knowledge of the hidden ways of Nature. Rider Haggard: I love these red lipstick palms! I've planted them in my garden.

Schlaf gut und träum was süßes

Traveller's palm, Ravenala madagascariensis, illustrated by John Reeves Natural History Museum.

Lei da carambola obriga comerciantes avisar sobre os riscos da fruta

We had a star fruit tree in the back yard of our first house in Kings Creek, Kendall ,Miami - carambola (Star Fruit) Tropical Fruit Trees That Grow Best in SW Florida Foto

concrete pads and aggregate. This is exactly how my family should have fixed the hill in our backyard growing up! No grasses though, attract snakes!