Love this! How would it work on a small scale? Interesting...

box gardens - growing rocks and grass! Coolest idea ever for a back yard garden.

Love this water feature

Water Feature/water channel waterfall by David England - I wonder if you can drill small holes in the channels for watering plants?

muro sanjo park in Nara, Japan // Dani Karavan

Murou Art Forest Design by DANI KARAVAN. could walk down the separate paths and come together at the tree. do vows & stuff there?

Modern Landscape Architecture by Wagner Hodgson

Quaker Smith Point Residence by Keith Wagner Partnership, Burlington, VT bridge and water falls


Mom, it thought you would like this idea for the yard concrete garden paving + rocks. This is so me! I love rock concrete where most others would love to have flowers everywhere. The simplicity is calming to me.

grasscrete pavement - very cool! Also helps to get around the whole hard cover/soft cover ratio restrictions which may be in place

Het Nieuwe Borduren: the return of the stitches

Cross Stitch - Grass & Concrete You could even create a loose pattern by planting different walkable plants with different shades of green.