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{long-tailed macaque lazing on a chital deer} friends in Malaysia. ahh i love animal friends

The Pink and White Album: Amazing Albino Animals

Skunks Credit: jenni-skunks | flickrThese skunks look much less menacing without their trademark black and white stripes, but their scent glands are just as stinky as their normal counterparts.

A funny animal picture of a humorous deer stealing a carrot nose from a snowman. This is a wild, nature comedy pic to see.

White deer

Ghost Deer * White deer do occur naturally in the wild. They are quite elusive, rarely seen and smaller than other white tailed deer. They are a protected species and the majority of a small population live in upper NY state, safe from hunters.

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beautiful wolf

beautiful wolf

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white squirrel If you know me I love squirrels I never seen a white one though

Another white animal, this time a quite rare albino wallaby, which is housed together with "normal" ones. She has a white pelt and red eyes.