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Gloomy octopus (octopus tetricus)

Gloomy Octopus (Octopus tetricus): Considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates, the octopus also has three hearts; two pump blood through the gills whereas the third one pumps blood through rest of the body.

Sea Monster the Octopus

Fine Art Photography- Octopus-Animal-Marine Print-Home Decor-Zoo-Brown, POE, Etsy by StorytellingArt

Good Lookin Octopus

Good Lookin Octopus

The Grace of Sea Creatures by Mark Laita Photography

The Grace of Sea Creatures by Mark Laita Photography

COCONUT OCTOPUS or VEINED OCTOPUS (Amphioctopus marginatus)  ©NG Richard.

Octopus curled up in a shell. "The coconut octopus displays unusual behaviour, including bipedal walking and gathering and using coconut shells and seashells for shelter.

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Pelagic octopus - A pelagic, or open-ocean, octopus gives off a neon glow in Hawaii. Most species of octopus have no internal skeleton, unlike other cephalopods.

Love these guys. So fun to paint!

Octopus Eye - However underwater light has a polarized component which some octopuses can detect. When this light travels through the body of a transparent animal its polarization will be changed and the octopus can see that and capture the prey.