Age of Ra

What does it take to come up with an epic and unbeatable Sci-fi Artworks? When it comes to science fiction, it should bombard your eyes with extremely sublime

Concept Art by Marek Okon

Concept Art by Marek Okon

ArtStation - Age of Zeus, Marek Okon - I like the hard suit armour concepts in this image. This would make a good starting off point for armour concepts for Alex's team.

The New order,

The New order,





Canceled project soldier conceps by sobaku-chiuchiu - Pavel Savchuk - CGHUB


ArtStation - explore, J.C Park I'm obsessed with scifi mecha themes

Cyborg mayhem by BenWootten on DeviantArt

Ben Wootten: Illustrator and designer

Rainbow SIX Patriots by Xavier Thomas, via Behance

Amazing Futuristic Digital Art- Rainbow Six Patriots by SeedSevenArt

Sniper Calvin I, Aleksi Briclot on ArtStation, soldier in a

Futuristic Metal Gear soldier

Future Soldier, Stefan Celic on ArtStation

Op. chastity: Combat evac by ukitakumuki

Chastity: Combat Evac by ukitakumuki

Digital Art by Nicolas Francoeur

Gloria by Vorace (Nicolas Francoeur)

Lictor (Tyranicus Chameleo) is evolutionary adapted to a role as a scout in the vanguard of any Tyranid swarm's advance. Able to move swiftly and without sound through even the densest te...

A new series of illustrated plates from a recently released book, "Cthulhu Wars" by Osprey Publishing. I worked on these a couple years back but because release of the book was severely delayed for.

ISA Desert Rat , Gilles  Ketting on ArtStation at

ArtStation - ISA Desert Rat , Gilles Ketting - This image makes me think of Alex's squad

future, armor, military, future warrior, futuristic soldier, sci-fi, aircraft, digital art

New work from second year Art Center student and our friend Steve Shi. Keywords: concept robot suit droid mech machine sci-fi science f.

Moving In by wiredgear on DeviantArt

Fantastic Non-SR Shadowrunesque Art Thread