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I know this is from the Grand Hotel or Gran Hotel... I have watched one episode. Thus far I love the costumes and plot. Alicia is engaged to a man she does not love to keep her family in good standing. And Julio is investigating the disappearance of his sister. I can tell there will be a romantic connection between them. I could binge watch this but I want to get some writing done.

En el episodio de mañana de 'Gran Hotel' (Antena el detective Ayala descubre cuál es la verdadera identidad de Julio y saldrá en su búsqueda. Además, la relación de Alicia y Diego comienza a consolidarse.

Beautiful Costume, from Uncle Vanya. I love it.

Anna Friel ditches her elegant 1890s stage costume for show stopping blue trousers

Amaia Salamanca

Alicia Alarcón Aldecoa es la heroína, protagonista y personaje principal femenino de Gran Hotel...