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Early morning start.

Like this sunday morning, with the sun rising over the misty lake before going for a canoe stroll.

@Josh Lam Bishop Let's do this.

But you know what is devastating? Living a life you don’t really want because you never had the guts to live your truth. What I mean by “your truth” is what you know to be what you most want to do. The person or people you most want to love. The things th

lifestyleoftheunemployed:  Summer is almost over, hurry up and Throw a Summer Party   The Embers of Summer by Chris Anderson

Let's have a bonfire at the beach and gaze up at the stars as if the night is never going to end

May your portages be short and the breezes gentle on your back.

happy father's day

What sets a canoeing expedition apart is that it purifies you more rapidly and inescapably than any other travel.

benchandcompass: “ The good fellas over at Sanborn Canoe featured a collection of my photographs on their Scout Field Log. Good guys, making good products. Check them and the rest of the post out at.

Il fait du camping. Il se repose dans les bois à côté de la mer.

Michael Steinberger

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fantastic old school photo of mom and son canoeing