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tranqualizer: “ [photo: a black and white drawing a rooster hollering at another rooster or hen. rooster 1 says, “hey baby you look sexy” to which the other responds, “did i fucking ask you?

Margaret Hamilton

53 photographies qui témoignent du courage exceptionnel de ces femmes qui ont marqué l’Histoire

55 Badass Women Who Changed History Forever - Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer of the Apollo Project, stands next to the code she wrote by hand and that was used to take humanity to the moon.

Je veux comprendre… le mansplaining

Je veux comprendre… le mansplaining

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This is why teaching history correctly is so important. We need to learn more about Hedy Lamarr, Boudica, and other badass, important people who are ignored because they are white men.

Droits : Lauren Wade

halftheskymovement: “ In an article for Take Part, writers Holly Eagleson and Lauren Wade retouched controversial advertisements by replacing women models with men. In doing so, Eagleson and Wade.

Ni saintes, ni putes, juste des femmes.

stop calling girls sluts for using their right to say yes. stop calling girls skanks for wearing revealing clothing. Stop calling girls prudes for using their right to say no

So many gifted black people who are “better” than I am. Let’s finally put this embarrassing racial bullshit behind us.<< I've never heard of her and I'm glad that know about her know!

Ce que c'est le féminisme VS ce que la société pense qu'est le féminisme.

Coup de gueule

If men did not vote to give women the right to vote, women wouldn't have the right to vote to limit men's rights.

It is when you're killing a baby to obtain your "rights"...

"Feminazi" Because wanting your gender to be treated like human beings is exactly like invading Poland.

Some men are still insecure about what society thinks when it comes to "gender roles" but gender roles have changed a lot over the years. Men are now doing more household chores and women are "bringing home the bacon." I know men who are stay at home fathers while the women go to work. There's no rule that says a man has to work and a woman has to stay at home. A man can take care of a child as well as a woman can.

Postcard with a woman on the phone saying ‘Hello, You left your oppressive gender roles in our century. Can you come pick them up?