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A Movie about Prayer WOW! Checkout the movie War Room on Christian Film Database: http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/war-room/

War Room: Kendrick Brothers Christian Movie/Film - CFDb

Though None Go with Me. Excellent movie! You will cry, but it is a wonderful movie about staying faithful to God through all the hardships in life. "Though none go with me I still will follow,no turning back,no turning back." #followJesus

Directed by Armand Mastroianni. With Cheryl Ladd, Amy Grabow, Bruce Weitz, David Norona. Elizabeth Leroy devotes her life to serving God but her faith is tested over the years as she has to overcome many hardships and sorrows.

Checkout the movie 'Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End' on Christian Film Database: http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/revelation-road-beginning-of-the-end/

Revelation Road: Beginning of End Christian Movie - CFDb

Checkout the movie 'Freedom' on Christian Film Database: http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/freedom/

Freedom - Christian Movie/Film DVD Cuba Gooding Jr. - CFDb

Christian Film 'Freedom' Depicting John Newton's Amazing Grace Releases, stars Cuba Gooding, Jr, who plays a slave fleeing to Canada via the Underground Railroad while being pursued by vicious slave hunters.



pelicula cristianas 2014 - Buscar con Google

pelicula cristianas 2014 - Buscar con Google

The Bridge - Christian Movie/Film on DVD. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/the-bridge/

The Bridge - Christian Movie Film on DVD - CFDb

The Bridge / After a family tragedy, Carly Evans (Leanne Lower) walked away from everything she ever knew. Withdrawn, depressed and resentful, she isolated herself from friends, family and ultimately turned her back on God.

Angels in Disguise - Christian Movie/Film on DVD. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/angels-in-disguise/

Angels in Disguise - Christian Movie Film on DVD - CFDb