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Avo: the self-cleaning tropical fish tank by Susan Shelley / Noux — Kickstarter

Susan Shelley / Noux is raising funds for Avo: the self-cleaning tropical fish tank on Kickstarter! Avo is a unique self-cleaning fish tank. It requires no filter cleaning or water changes making fish keeping simple and beautiful.

Self-cleaning fish tank.

Meet Avo, a fish tank that naturally cleans its own water. The fish tank also has an innovative moving bed filter, which makes it difficult for typical aquarium gunk to build up. For Gabe!

Wish it was a bit deeper for the fish but this looks like a good idea for a future pond so I'm not pinning to Unhappy Fish

Wish it was a bit deeper fr th fish but it looks like a good idea fr a pond so I'm not pinning to Unhappy Fish

Hahaaaaa!  Whale fish bowl! Giona medium Vase by Skitsch. 160.00 €  http://www.skitsch.com/Categories/13/Vases/P/230/Giona-medium  #Home #Pets

Fun Fishbowls

Jonah the Whale fish bowl. I have no desire to get a fish, but this is awesome!

After umpteen trips to various stores for lighting plants fish and such plus equally umpteen deliveries from Amazon for hardware test kits etc this is where I am right now with my new tank I wanted to create a possible scene from a lake bed in which the fish will have plenty of hiding places and hopefully feel at ease with their comfort being my first priority but I tried to balance that with a sort of purposely unkemptwild look to everything without looking like no thought was given to it…

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Ornament hanger with fishies

Feel so bad for Fighting Fish - terrarium? Hanging fish tank - could easily be made with a banana hanger and a ceiling light set from a home improvement store; would be fun as a snow globe or terrarium, too.

Betta Fish | Our new betta fish with lucky bambo | Amy Wonder Years | Flickr

Need perfect stones (yellow/natural) + complete with a couple more bamboo shoots (need or already have thermometer)