As mentioned in last weeks baby proofing how-to post, Pinterest came to the rescue yet again...

pin to present: fire (place) safety + linkup (in residence)

Baby Proofing the Fireplace

Baby proofing the fireplace

A closer look at an easy and beautiful way to child-proof your fireplace. #parenting #childproofing

Jamboo Creations HearthSoft Fireplace Childproofing Cover Review

Keeping your babies and toddlers safe is so important. This is the best fireplace hearth childproofing we found! Perfect for keeping your baby safe.

Not a "potential" fire hazard, but a very real one. Flame retardant does NOT mean fire proof! We DO NOT recommend this product for any fireplace in functional condition. It does not comply with ANY clearance to combustibles standards. Per manufact's instruct's..."Although flame-retardant fabrics are used for making each HearthSoft™, Jamboo Creations strongly recommends that the HearthSoft™ be removed from the hearth whenever operating the fireplace in order to avoid any potential fire…

Babyproofing the Fireplace Hearth

HearthSoft by Jamboo Creations is a baby proof fireplace hearth protection cushion that combines home décor and child safety

elegant fireplace babyproofing. I love sharing genius products that I find... anyone else with a deathtrap brick fireplace hearth this is great and you'll be hard pressed to buy the fabric and foam to make your own for cheaper than this- especially once you factor in the cutting, measuring, sewing and general figuring it out stress.

elegant fireplace babyproofing--what a smart idea.and not too expensive considering it also increases your seating space.

Baby proof fireplace hearth

Baby proof fireplace hearth- like this but with a nicer color fabric and black/brown baskets

How to Baby Proof your Fireplace

If you have a small child running around then you already know a fireplace can be a safety hazard. Not the actual fire itself but the surrounding area made of brick (fireplace hearth) that juts out a few feet.