"Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless and Don't be Sorry" - Jack Kerouac. I'm on a travel kick :)

When i am sad i shall eat chocolate and sing happy songs.or maybe sad songs? But definitely eat chocolate!

Just a reminder for my fellow 20 yr olds :)

21 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Pretty cute ideas in here. I never would have thought but I actually read this before pinning it! Won't be 20 till jan but I'm starting early ;

I want to make memories all over the world.

Traveling is exciting and fun. But some do get jitters before traveling to a place for the first time. There’s perhaps only one thing better than traveling to a place for the first time and that is going there for

The strongest man is negligible when compared to the strength of nature.

you are a child of the universe. no less than the trees and the stars. in the noisy confusion of life keep peace in your soul -max ehrmann.

Travel Talk

lets start the journey quotes positive quotes photography black and white quote travel cool road mountains street -- ideas to start my exam unit?

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12 Travel Quotes for Inspiration

Inspirational travel quotes to help you travel more and create better memories. Best travel quotes include Mark Twain, Lao Tzu and St Augustine