Escalera, mesa y escritorio, todo en uno

Estas 15 escaleras harán que tu subida al segundo piso sea mucho más amena

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La familia que hizo de la biblioteca un parque #kids #family #house

A Library Slide by Moon Hoon slides libraries books architecture Bookcase, stairs, slide! I want!

Escada Estante - A2BC, Anna Angelelli, Antônio Bergamasco, Michela Cicuto

This combination bookcase/staircase is cool in theory but looks someone unresolved. It's sort of claustrophobic and I don't love how the grid of the bookcase doesn't align with each stair.

"Built in 1936 and redesigned during the 60′s following the Bauhaus movement by Paul Rudolph, this 4-storey town house with 37-foot ceilings and a rooftop garden used serve as a nightlife institution for the jet set while it was owned by Halston with guests including Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, Brigitte Bardot and Sean Connery."

Here are a one of inspiration design Modern Iconic Urban Retreat in New York. This piece of art, Iconic Urban Retreat designed by the architect Paul Rudolph,

Shelves in staircase

Two sided book case if we want to make the stair side books, leaving the other wall for the sofa. Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year in Concrete

Escada alternada

Our spiral staircase photography post already proved that even something as mundane as stairs can be absolutely beautiful. We decided to expand on that theme and show you the 22 coolest examples of staircases and step design that we could find.


Basement Idea - (re)movable bottom stairs (House in Futakoshinchi by Tato Architects)

I seriously love this idea and it's just about the right height for our house and would provide the perfect space for herbs!!

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