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You're My Favorite Thing to Do by JulieAnnArt  $4,00, via Etsy.

Here’s 60 Histerically Funny Valentines Cards - some of which you can buy and print - all of which you can share, and enjoy! Loosen up a little bit and send one of these Hysterically Funny Valentine's Day Cards this year!

FINALLY been looking for this picture FOREVER litERALLY

Nerd Love Card Love Equation- if I was a math teacher. I'd have this as a warm up!

Naughty Valentine Card

Naughty Anniversary Card ∙ Valentine Card ∙ Love Card ∙ Sexy Card ∙ Adult Card ∙ Mature Card ∙ Just Because ∙ I Want to Nail You

Funny Valentine's Day card

Funny Valentines Day Card valentine card I love you card, naughty card, quirky card for boyfriend by LoveNCreativity