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Duduá: La guerrilla se va a La Mina a bordar en XL

banco de Plaza

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yarn bombing

Pitsibussi: ganchillo finlandés en el autobús

Lace Bus project in Vantaa, Finland - by Vesanen Virpi Laukkanen

Chicas.... Nos animamos?????

The knitted Landscape, yarn bombing, gorilla knitting, Rebel Yarns.


The story goes that 1000 blankets were expected at this yarnbombing event in Helsinki, Finland, but ended up with 7800 and used only about half the pile. After the yarnbombing event all the blankets were donated to the safe house movement.

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I'd really like to use this idea of guerilla knitting in my art project.

Art students at a certain high school (we’ll call it School W), in a quiet New England town, yarn-bombed the campus for the school’s centennial. All but 2 of the 13 students had just learned to knit two weeks prior to their capers!

Yarn Bombs Clever and Cool Examples) - yarn bombed statue in a bikini.

Yarn Bombing movement art

Yarn Bombing movement art

Jesse Hemmon of Ishknits yarnbombs the Rocky Stautue in Philadelphia