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The Mighty Thor #272

"The Mighty Thor June 1978 Art by John Buscema- Image to be used for student analysis of heroic symbols, imagery, and how they convey meaning and emotion.

The Mighty Thor #186 comic cover (art by John Buscema)

For sale marvel comics thor 186 john buscema artwork silver age comic book emorys memories.

Thor color by gleidsonaraujo

Thor color by gleidsonaraujo

Thor 237 1975 cover by Gil Kane and John Romita Sr

Stan Lee Autographed/Signed Marvel Avengers Movie Style Mini Thor Hammer with Very Rare Excelsior In @ NiftyWareHouse

The Unworthy Thor #5 - Olivier Coipel

In Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's Unworthy Thor it's a three-way battle between the Odinson & Beta Ray Bill, Thanos "hench-women" Black Swan & Proxima Midnight and The Collector for the Ultimate Mjolnir.

Christian Ward

Christian Ward