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Ella va caminando por la calle, pero mantén la vista en estos tipos de blanco. ¡Sorpresa total!
Vincent van Gogh,   View of Arles with Irises, 1888
So I was thinking we could hang one of these wall Tapestries, to bring in more imagery/art in an affordable and cool way. And I think a  nature theme like mountains, or the beach, or trees could be a great image to mentally see everyday. They come in 5ftx6ft or 7ftx8ft. I pinned a few of my favorites, but open to suggestions, just let me know which one makes you "feel" good. Mountain Fog Wall Tapestry
-Amsterdam , Holanda . Ciudad soñada . . .
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Trademark Art "Roses Under the Trees, 1905" by Gustav Klimt Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas & Reviews | Wayfair
Non-Mono Lake - Mono Lake, California