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poblaciones indigenas en ecuador

Indigenous girl, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Over half a million Brazilians are indigenous, and millions more have some Amerindian ancestry. In fact, Brazil has the largest number of uncontacted peoples in the world - 67 different tribes.

Mali...something to add to your travel bucket list.

Mali - As it is traditional amongst the Fulani women, the tattoo around her mouth indicates that she is married and is designed to make her less attractive to other men. The large golden earrings are also common among Fulani women.


Laos, Phongsali Province Huay Yueng Village, Akha Hill Tribe by Glen Allison


"A Lady and Her Chai" on the vertical.still enjoying her chai. Can't blame her. Would be so happy to have some right now, myself! :-) For the love of chai, on the street in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. All rights reserved.

Bodi Tribe

Fluidr / Miss Domoget, Bodi Tribe Woman With Headband, Hana Mursi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

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John Cleese - English actor, comedian, writer and tall person famous from Monthy Python. Photo by Andy Gotts