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Disney hercules.. i can go the distance.. motivational and inspirational digital download

Who does this to people?!?!?! Now i have to repin it so others can feel my pain.

Thanks Disney... right in my feels.

I don't think land before time is Disney. Every time see the lion king and sad moments in Disney movies.THE FEELS!

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"These are the Lessons I learned from Disney Cartoons" All I really learnt that Disney heroines are BADASS!


Belle, Jasmine and Ariel were my favorites! I didn't care for Cinderella as much, I was too scared to watch Snow White because of the evil witch and I found Sleeping Beauty not as exciting>>>> but i love all things disney

Hans gets advice on girls

Hans gets advice on girls

Hans from "Frozen" asks his predecessors (i. other Disney guys) for tips on wooing the ladies. Hilarity ensues :P And, I'm definitely looking at Prince Phillip (from "Sleeping Beauty") and thinking, "You.

Funny YouTube Comments (24 Photos) : theCHIVE

Some YouTube comments are better than novels (24 Photos)

Aurora fell in love in one song.Pocahontas stopped a war in one song.Rapunzel saved her life in one song.


Y si Frozen transcurriera en Facebook...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this MADE MY DAY! When Oaken goes Yoohoo at the foot comment, I laughed so hard that I almost peed!


I miss you Grandma. But if there's one thing that Disney has taught me, it's that love is stronger and lasts longer than any separation. You'll be in my heart. "Don't say goodbye. Goodbye means leaving, and leaving means forgetting.

Hercules, best part of the movie

"That moment when you realize you are Hades. I still like the one that compares Hades to Sassy Gay Friend best. This is totally me & my sassy gay best friend

The best relationship in disney ever (one of the best anyways)

The Suite Life On Deck Mr. Mosby always seems to fill in the sweet father role in all the teen characters lives. Mosby is also the much needed moral support to all the adults.


Disney Quotes - I am going to get a tattoo with the lion king quote<<<Nice, I'm thinking of the Peter Pan one or Dory's