Jason Grace, Percy Jackson & Nico di Angelo | art by nucleicacid (Artwork)

Jason Grace, Percy Jackson & Nico di Angelo discussing faces, glasses, I am literally the straightest person at this table the big three table

hahahaha I get you Will

as a daughter of Apollo, I can confirm that being a child of the sun god doesn't make waking up any easier << man, sucks to be you sunshine kid. Us Hephaestus kids sleep like rocks.

Leo, Nico, Percy JA Jason

Leo: 2012 Nico: 2010 Percy: 2010 Jason: 2010 But I Still Love Them All! I like new Leo New NICO Old Percy And old Jason :)<< I love both versions but I can't get over the idea that Jason looks like Justin Beiber

This was seriously my favorite part :)

I want to eat at the dam snack bar! hahahahahahaha i love percy and his books :)

Pt.2/ 4th year illustration @ PNCA, Portland OR Chin up camper! You have people to prove wrong. Block...

Percy looking at either annabeth or pizza <--This caption just made it even better--- omgosh yessss

"Will Solace & Nico di Angelo"

HOW NICO AND WILL R SUPPOSED TO B! both will and nico are older here and are good friends, but they’re not together. also the two of them probably sat down later and will told nico all he knew about each name on his arm