Artist are always looking for inspiration, isn't it? If you're starting or ending your day, you'll for sure like to have a look at the art of Mitchell Mohr

(17) Epiphany

I'm inspired by this Illustration Enough so to recreate it on Canvas, to Hang beside my Japanese Sword Collection.


Another pic that inspired the Executioner. The helmet was also used for the Black Hand dark knight black knight

Dragon Age,Игры,NSFW,Игровая эротика,фанарт,удалённое

BoiWare CGHUB 2012 Challenge - Dragon Age - Erigo - I'd totally rock this outfit.

ArtStation - Psi-Knight, Max Emmert

Psi-Knight, Max Emmert on ArtStation Pretty sure it wasn't meant as star wars art but it's the vibe I get from it