Esa risita me mata!

Avengers Facts - Chris Hemsworth had to maintain the physical appearance of Thor in the Avengers and increased his dietary intake. This consisted of fish, steak, chicken and eggs each day. According to Hemsworth he was eating his

True strength

Avengers: Age of Ultron - Scarlett Johansson/ Chris Hemsworth/ Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth Breaks Uncomfortable News in the voice of Thor, Hilarious! must watch! :D

Chris Hemsworth Breaks Uncomfortable News in the voice of Thor, Hilarious! "He doth not wash the dishes" I AM DYING. I would receive the worst news from this man`s lips.

superhero costumes evolution 41 The evolution of a few superhero costumes Photos)

"He started it." Proof that Chris is just a big kid.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are like actual brothers at this point. Must be when Tom "felt the thunder in his nose" lol

Oh captain!

Anyone else notice that the lines between Avenger and Actor are kinda blurred when it comes to Tony/Robert and now Steve/Chris E? also nearly every marvel actor

Guess which one is British?

Funny pictures about Find the British guy. Oh, and cool pics about Find the British guy. Also, Find the British guy.

Close enough. But yeah I do hope they do one with Natasha bein all badass with Barton being the vulnerable one. It would be very fitting for a number of reasons.

Close enough, Robert…

Close enough, Robert // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - XD HAHAHA! I'M DYING!

This is why I love Tumblr

He just smiles on command, no hard feelings or anything! Why thor is my fav marvel character!

This would make me actually watch the news

The only news channel worth watching, Daily Asgardian News featuring Co-anchors Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth with Jeremy Renner for sports and Chris Evans on weather. Jeremy doesn't seem too happy about his job though Renner's face is priceless

perfect use. Captain Jack Sparrow sympathizes with Captain America. I loooove captain jack

Well, Loki did get on Tony Stark's bad side...

You would have had to see the Avengers to get this. Funny :D BUT,One thing.was he unconscious in Stark tower while they ate shwarma, or was he just tied up somewhere?<<<<< Thor just placed Mjolnir on Loki's chest, and they left him there.