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Good reference/inspiration for how facial elements can be 'pushed' in abstract ways to give me interest and differentiation to characters. Could be excellent for this project and even gives ideas to cross over into animal faces.

This is such a fun idea! I should try this with my friends. "My friends as Dogs" by Brooke Regalado.

This is such a fun idea! "My friends as Dogs" by Brooke Regalado.

The Box Trolls by Yosb for @Sketch_Dailies

Brazillian, 25 years old, mind full of guilty pleasures and nostalgic thoughts that may appear here.

My autoportrait - by lavenderdreamer13 on tumblr http://lavenderdreamer13.tumblr.com/post/138405249230/im-late-as-heck-for-this-meet-the-artist-meme art redhead red hair alien

I’m late as heck for this “meet the artist” meme but yeah, if I actually made my whole body portrait, then why the hell not?

New burlesque girl. Based on St Stella at Dr Sketchy’s Toronto Reloaded.

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