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INTERFERENTE...artistice si diverse. : Origami :"Estrella Arabesco"

INTERFERENTE...artistice si diverse. : Origami :"Estrella Arabesco"

FOLDABILITY Leah pendant origami lampshade lighting design

The Sonobe collection is a series of modular origami lighting designs, made using squares of Italian parchment which are folded and glued together by hand.

The 8th musician in "Spanish Orchestra" by Eric Joisel (15 November 1956—10 October 2010), a French origami artist who specialized in the wet-folding method, creating figurative art sculptures using sheets of paper and water, without the use of any adhesive or scissors. Site: http://ericjoisel.com

masterwork of musician and jazz orchestra created by Eric Joisel, origami master, sculptor and brilliant paperfolding artist

elf king 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! by Joel Cooper

"Elf King" by amazing origami artist Joel Cooper-- made from one piece of paper, no cutting, no glueing. A-MA-ZING

Angelus - side view by origami joel, via Flickr

Origami craftsman Joel Cooper has been perfecting his folding technique for many years. Although, it looks like some of his masks use strips of paper weaved in one another, in reality, it is done with meticulous folds from a single sheet.


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#Sculpture #Artist #Paper ► #Joel_Cooper

#Sculpture #Artist #Paper ► #Joel_Cooper