Christmas lights in Oxford Street, London- we'll be seeing these on the first leg of my honeymoon...

Christmas lights in Oxford Street, London A Thomas Lyte Christmas: Luxury Christmas: London at Christmastime

In London

Rainbow in London Town. That is a beautiful shot. Paul's is one of my favorite locations in London, and seeing that rainbow just makes the image even more incredible!

6th arrondissement - what a fantastic hanging sign for "Parapluies Simon", an umbrella shop. Love the detail of the wrought iron figures along the top.  Can be found at 56 Boulevard Saint-Michel.

district, sign for Parapluies Simon,( an umbrella shop) .found at 56 Boulevard Saint-Michel, France

Warren Mews, London

Cobblestone street London - Mews were the alley entrances to stables for horses/carriages behind the large houses. Converted to separate homes now.

On the corner of North Fourth Street and Fairmount Ave in Northern Liberties is a place that feels like home.

Local Gem: The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop

Ideas: rustic, curved details sign shop // Local Gem: The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop, Philadelphia.

Favorite pub in London :)

The Old King's Head, Borough High Street, London is located a stones throw from London Bridge Station. This is a good old fashioned pub with a warm and friendly atmosphere.