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Way to cheer Patrick up, Dallon. Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy.

But this was a load of crap, people basically bullying Patrick during the Soul Punk era (which I think is an incredible album).

Actually me. When we do the mile on gym imma bring my phone (cuz we're allowed to listen to music when we run the mile) and just blast Fall Out Boy and Panic! And scream the lyrics that nobody else can here cuz earbuds and crap and look stupid

I wish my gym teacher played actual good music. Even if it wasn't Fall Out Boy, just about anything was better than what they played. (Although I mean, Fall Out Boy would have been awesome)

@ dontboreus on Instagram

@ dontboreus on Instagram

That's not how last names work....

That's not how last names work.←but it's definetly how they should work