A beautiful Edwardian lady, 1910s

edwardianfaces: “ A beautiful Edwardian lady ”

Edwardian lady and her pet dog…French postcard

greatgdean: “ Edwardian lady and her pet dog…French postcard ”

These are three of the 16 children borne by Carrie Thompson Cole and they wear fashions common on the frontier at the turn of the century.

How folks dressed from to 24 Costume contest ideas

In the play Tartuffe one of the main characters is Dorine. She is Mariane's maid and is a very outspoken, opinionated woman. Throughout the play Dorine is mischievous and tries to reveal Tartuffe's true nature to Orgon.

George Jay Gould with her maid. Even the servants of the day seemed to take care and time with their own hair. How did they find the time? --> I love the servants hair!

1910 girls fashion - Google Search

Young Ladies in 1910 (Sian Brown) This looks like the shirt waist dress. Women were working in factories, this attire was more comfortable and gave leg mobility

great image for hoop length.  Note the boning at skirt hem

Civil war era cdv photo father & 3 beautiful daughters dresses match detroit mi

Civil War era father with three daughters

"Alors, mademoiselle, voulez-vous danser avec moi?" lovely image from highvictoriana on Tumblr

Late Victorian photo, probably of three actresses, from the Theatre Division of The New York Public Library digital collections.

OMG that dress! — Dress, 1910-1914 Callot Soeurs The Metropolitan...

Spencer-sisters - in Western fashion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

mellomoreira:    Mis Lily Elsie

╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯Lily Elsie, a gorgeous Edwardian actress whose beauty made her the most photographed women of her time. I came across a picture of her and became enchanted too. To me she was the ultimate Edwardian Lady.

Beautifully vintage

Olga Seymour - hair inspiration simmlair to Jordans mother Abby weaver barkoski

1920s mugshots. Second one done is a transgendered woman to man, without surgery obviously.

police mugshots from the 1920

new ways to move

30 Strange But Delightful Vintage Photos Of Animals

woman riding side-saddle on an austrich. antique photograph of a woman riding an ostrich.

Floppy hat pics; black polka dot dress + white floppy hat + red high heels?    Picnic pics; bring ma's old picnic basket, pick wildflowers, bring journals and pens, and old vintage books/camera

bring ma's old picnic basket, pick wildflowers, bring journals and pens, and old vintage books/camera - ideas for a photoshoot

bizarre vintage photographs | STRANGE Z SHAPED WOMAN - OLD CIRCUS FREAK(no way in hell....photo shop for sure)

Visions Within Mechanism Industrial Surrealism by Jeffrey Scott - Baby got back (a weird one haha)!

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-TOs-CDw-rgw/UF-ltIXoJPI/AAAAAAAAWic/Zu9aJbFpceo/s1600/GypsyLovely-GraphicsFairy2.jpg

Old Photo - Beautiful Gypsy #2

Old Postcard: Gypsy Woman & her Guitar.

Lol this pin is for my sister, Amy. I think I have a pic of her making this same face. Wonder if we are related to this woman!!

Vintage sense of humor