In class with Peppermint Patty


Snoopy school Peppermint Patty - Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught - Oscar Wilde

Miss Van Pelt.  Everyone, please bow to Her Ladyship.

Lucy Van Pelt - Charlie Brown One day a week - where boys give presents to girls.

And ignoring people who drain you. Unfortunately, this often means they will lie about you and cause other friends to ignore you.

Charlie Brown's friend Linus: Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace. PEACEFUL PEOPLE - CREDIT to Charles Schultz for comic strip and actual words.

What do you mean, I've got to be good all the time?!!  Don't I get weekends off?!!

"What do you mean, I've got to be good all the time? Don't I get weekends off?" Poor Sally, Charlie Browns Spoiled Little Sister.