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Gurl you crazy - Imgur

Funny pictures about For a good time. Oh, and cool pics about For a good time. Also, For a good time.

HILARIOUS post-anesthesia video. I laughed so hard I cried, mostly because I've taken care of patients like this!

Woman wakes up from anesthesia and is shocked by the time and more

Husband takes video of his wife, who is extremely confused after getting her wisdom teeth out. Im dying. this might be the funniest wisdom teeth video i've ever seen.

Kids at my school literally count like this, but 11 sounds more like lebum. And 7 sounds like sebum.

My moms signature  @Lindsey Daley  lolz

My moms signature

Funny School Teacher Child Parent Note Picture Image Seems Legit Joke

Shhh just trust me.

who invented hugs? I mean the first hug would have been sooo awkward. "What are you doing, why are you holding me?" "Shhh just trust me"

Save Energy

Funny pictures about Save energy. Oh, and cool pics about Save energy. Also, Save energy photos.

The winner of best cosplay goes to

The winner of best cosplay goes to

Best Halloween Costumes- Mrs Nesbit version of the mentally and physically broken Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story

I think we should all live like this!

This bird loves chocolate like a fat kid loves cake lol! (Just to reiterate though, chocolate is NOT safe for birds to ingest. If you have a bird, don't let them go for a swim in a fountain of chocolate.