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Galería de Casa EINS / Óscar Pedrós - 3

Built by Óscar Pedrós in Oleiros, Spain with date Images by Héctor Santos-Diez. Living as hens…waking up with sun and going to bed at dusk, without any fear of big glass walls.

Mummy Mountain Residence by Chen + Suchart Studio  http://www.qlore.com/mummy-mountain-residence-by-chen-suchart-studio/

Modern concrete and glass desert home designed by architecture firm Chen + Suchart Studio

eins house - a. coruña spain - óscar pedrós - photo by héctor santos-diez

Gallery of EINS House / Óscar Pedrós - 4


KCV House

The Good Life

The Serpentine is contemporary style home built on the coast of Bilgola in Australia, offering beach views from terraces and balconies.

ninomiya residence exterior portrait    wow. I really love this house.

An unassuming white cube in Nagoya, Japan, is more than it appears at first glance, with a flower shop on the ground level and an apartment above. Photo by Takashi Homma.

House VMVK / dmvA

Gallery of House VMVK / dmvA - 1

Built by dmvA in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium with date Images by Frederik Vercruysse. How to build a single house in a wonderful environment of woods, just next to the ‘Nete-valley’ on a badly orientated.