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you are amazing

you are amazing

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” — Jim Rohn

Dicilpine a bridge that many refuse to pass over thus never attaining thier dreams & goals

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El diccionario de nuestra Marca Personal. #RRHH #recursoshumanos

El diccionario de nuestra Marca Personal #infografia #infographic #marketing


Quotes, Searching, Other, Several

Quote of the Week (B&W) $5- 36 full page quotes to use in your classroom. Teach your students about friendship, courage, being unique, and not giving up. Lead discussions about the quotes or have your students reflect on the meaning and write. So many ways to use these quotes!

Quote of the Week B&W (Pack #1)

Quotes of the Week make us think! I hang a new one every Monday and we discuss it as a class. The quotes teach students persevere, be creative, be proud to be themselves, and be a friend.