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If you read this and it doesn't give you any sort of chills then you have no essence in becoming someone in life. Be YOU and experience what the world has to give you , don't let others influence your opinion in the world only you can deiced your destiny.

stay weird

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Cosy & The Gang is an online design shop where upbeat australian style meets scandinavian...

Cosy and The Gang is an online design shop where upbeat australian style meets scandinavian minimalism.


The font.this makes me stop and remember how my heart feels when it is overflowing with God's healing peace. if I were artistic I would draw words such as 'be still', 'agape love' , 'healing' coming out of the top of an infinity heart/cross

por vezes não é tão bom como parece =) o estranho é que nem sinto desilusão... foi apenas mais uma tentativa, mas a companhia foi ... assim... mais ou menos! A foto ficou bonita e tudo... mas...vai ser feliz para longe, tá????

A Simple word that a lot of people have trouble saying! Could save you from a lot of pain,!:)) ~a brilliant word!

Only I shall call him like that, there's a reason for it. Stop copying me - S

Please, be inspired, but don't copy. Find your own voice. Find your own method, otherwise you'll just blend in.