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Productos de belleza que las mujeres no deberían compartir - http://www.leanoticias.com/2015/04/28/productos-de-belleza-que-las-mujeres-no-deberian-compartir/

5 Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists / >there are some really good tips on this site for all different things

Top 10 Apps for Skin Retouching & Digital Make-Up

32 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You About! The best makeup tips and tricks! Wish I had known these a long time ago.

Want the tricks professional makeup artists use without going to makeup school yourself? We went to a makeup academy and got the goods -- see our cheat sheet now

10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School

Spend some bucks on your tools, 10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School - (Page

How to Make Lipstick Last Longer on Your Lips!

Makeup Tip Tuesday: How to Make Lipstick Last Longer

10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School - Lesson No. 10: Know How to Conceal Those Under-Eye Circles - how to use orange-tinted + beige-colored concealers to remove under-eye circles with the "Hollywood V"

10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School

10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School - fascinating beauty tips! I read the whole article.

How to contour like a pro with the best highlighting and contouring makeup products. #contourmakeup #contourmakeupforbeginners #contour #contouringforbeginners

Top 10 Contouring + Highlighting Products with Tutorials.

This collection of tutorials will teach you how to contour your face PROPERLY so you can fool the world into thinking your face is thinner than it really is. Make sure to watch tutorial to learn how to contour and highlight in only one minute!

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The Art of Contouring. I like the idea of contouring but this girl is so pretty to begin with! I wish she would just use a more natural makeup to accent her light skin and freckles.

When you haven’t slept or you’re sick or stressed or brutally hung over, putting on a full face of makeup is the very last thing you want t...

Easy makeup tips for when you're feeling your worst---whether you're sleep deprived or just partied out!

If you have ever performed the traditional feminine ritual that involves assembling random powders, pastes, and gels, and rubbing them all over your face in order to enhance your conventional beauty (AKA “applying makeup”) chances are good that you already know that this is something that is easier said than done. I mean, certain things … Read More

13 Surprising Mistakes You're Probably Making When You Apply Makeup

I love this tip for curling eyelashes

1. Apply foundation all over face and neck with a sponge, foundation brush or fingers.  2. Look in the mirror and suck in your cheeks. This will instantly show you exactly where your cheekbones are. Sweep bronzing powder/cream bronzer with a flat-headed bronzer brush just slightly under cheekbones from the hollows to your ear.  3. Sweep bronzer in circular motions directly on temples.  4. Contour along the hairline.  5. Contour directly underneath your jawline.  6. Blend edges with a sponge.

How to Contour: Contouring your face is so important. Simply wearing foundation creates such clean slate on your face that you have to create dimensions to highlight your beautiful features. Check out 'How to Contour" tips from the Beauty Department.


Here are my 6 TIPS on HOW TO: Contour and Highlight Your Face For Beginners! This is an easy highlight and contouring makeup tutorial you can do at home!

The Eye Guide for Makeup

Eye Shadow for different types of eyes. Great eye shadow for all types of eyes. Makeup for beginners

17 Makeup tips that really make a difference | Steps you're skipping that you shouldn't be

Blend Your Foundation and Concealer As I've grown older, I've found that perfect looking skin, even with foundation, is hard to come by. Taking a few extra seconds to pounce a Beauty Blender on your face makes a huge difference.

make up blog! Gives lots of tutorials on how to create different looks.

Lots of Make Up Tutorials. Love this face drawing too!

HOW TO TIGHTLINE. I am absolutely obsessed with this eyeliner method. Cant really describe it, just watch and be amazed.

HOW TO TIGHTLINE. I am absolutely obsessed with this eyeliner method. Can't really describe it, just watch and be amazed.pin now, watch later

44 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now

44 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now