X-men by Greg Horn

The cover to the 30 page one-shot X-Men Origins: Jean Grey, published August All the interior art is painted in watercolor by. X-Men Origins: Jean Grey Cover

Storm 4 Seasons  #storm #xmen

Storm for All Seasons mini prints FULL SET by OniYon on Etsy LOVE THIS. Probably gonna splurge to add this to our nerd home art collection.

Rogue by Megan Lara

The latest offering from artist Megan Lara ( in her X-Men Nouveau series: Rogue. She is pretty much amazing! Megan Lara, that is.

Everybody knows that evil is more beautiful and alluring than good — that's why it's so hard to choose good. But to prove it, check out a collection of lovely Art Nouveau posters of science fiction and fantasy's greatest villains.

The Glamour of Evil: Art Nouveau Supervillains!

art nouveau 80s Storm by ~hezaa on deviantART | Art Nouveau

Storm Nouveau by ~hezaa on Deviantart (Storm and her classy Mohawk!