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Batcave made out of 20,000 LEGO pieces…

Funny pictures about Batcave made out of LEGO pieces. Oh, and cool pics about Batcave made out of LEGO pieces. Also, Batcave made out of LEGO pieces.

Lego X-Men Origins Wolverine. Too bad, the effects from this movie probably would have been better then what I saw in the theater.

Lego Movie Poster: X-Men Origins Wolverine

Custom Lego Stan Lee | eBay

Custom Lego Stan Lee | eBay

100 custom LEGO minifigs - Photo 72

And so was born the selection of 100 funniest and best made custom LEGO minifigures we introduce you today.

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'Ultra Violet' built from LEGO Friends parts.

Desolation of Smaug Lego Poster - Mike Sutfin

Desolation of Poster - Mike Sutfin, prepaid for our copy of the game, due out in March.

2010 E.T. #2 | Custom LEGO Minifigures

this custom minifig is just odd, but i felt it needed to be incuded, after all this site is all about custom minifigs,

He-Man LEGO Minifigs

He-Man LEGO Minifigs

He has the power - LEGO power!

Predator Custom Minifigure

Although I could say I have one, it's just in cloaking mode.

Predator Custom Lego Minifigure

Predator Custom Minifigure By R Goff

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40 Impressive Robots Built with Lego Bricks

6df93fd7d82b3b2b525ba54d440d417c.jpg 361×500 pixels

6df93fd7d82b3b2b525ba54d440d417c.jpg 361×500 pixels

AUTOBOTS! Based on existing LEGO cars (Emmet's and Octan race car) and inspired by g1 Transformers

Based on existing LEGO cars (Emmet's and Octan race car) and inspired by Transformers

lego custom minifigures | Horror Film Custom LEGO Minifigures

Are your custom LEGO minifigures too comfortable? Perhaps you feel they are getting bored and complacent? Then why not introduce a little jeopardy into their

Tahu's Bionicle 2015 MOCs - Creative Content / Lego Creations - The TTV Message Boards

I always try to make MOCs that could be actual sets, so none of them are going to be very large.