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I loved this at www.fashiolista.com

I loved this at www.fashiolista.com

20 Nail Hacks, Tips, & Tricks For An Easier At-Home Manicure | Gurl.com

20 Nail Hacks, Tips and Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know Now

Glitter nail polish removal, also works for shellac nails and gel. Definitely the best and easiest way to remove stubborn glitter polish. This is great because I love glitter nail polish!

Coffin nails have been in the fashion since the past few years, but it seemed to be going nowhere as that of French Manicure. The coffin nails are also known as Ballerina nails, that have been spotted on almost every fashion Diva ranging from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna.


The Spider Web Coffin Nail Art Design. Spider and its web is always an inspiration for trying hard again and again. So, if you want an inspiration to work hard, yu can have this amazing spider web design over your coffin nails.

With school just around the corner, getting all school supplies for your kids & teens is your priority. That's a good opportunity to work on some craft projects and have fun with your children. These awesome 20 projects are fun and easy to complete, it will also save you some money.

20 Back To School DIY Crafts For Kids & Teens

Emoji Nail Art Click Pic for 22 DIY Back to School Nails for Kids Awesome Nail Art Ideas for Fall. So you’ve had a great summer, caught some waves and even

This product makes me feel like I have super strong acrylics or something it's amazing.  So if you have really thin, brittle nails like me I HIGHLY recommend this :)

OPI Nail Envy Original Natural Nail Strengthener Maximum strength formula with Hydrolyzed Protein and Calcium helps nails grow harder, longer and

Diy Nail Hardener 100% natural - Will Save You Big Money and Gives You Strong and Healthy Nails - Tiptop Home Remedies

Diy Nail Hardener natural - Will Save You Big Money and Give You Strong and Healthy Nails - Tiptop Home Remedies

Dont need anyone to finance me, shes more than just a work horse to me

I work hard. I pay my bills. I maintain myself. I'm independent. When you see me, know that it's All Me. I do the keeping # independentwomen

French with bow. LOVE these!

70 Ideas of French Manicure

Sometimes the smallest things to a simple manicure can make it all look great. See how these bows add a little more to the manicure and help the ring sparkle!