Random Ghost

"[Sci-Fi] - [digitalart/paintings/scifi] - Reaper - by: AdrianDadich" This reminds me a bit of Lucia with the pink and skull :)


Amariah, an eleven warrior her name means "Light Of Heaven" in Dwarven. Nobody knows she is female, because girls aren't allowed to fight, so she is like a fantasy Joan Of Arc.

Joker cards

Playing Card Art: Joker by Oleg Shekhovtsov “The Joker designed by Oleg Shekhovtsov.

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I really like this anime girl's eye makeup, hair bow, and nail art. (Reminds me of Miskai Mei a little)

Character Concept

black background black hair blade & soul blood blood stain boots breasts cleavage face mask female flower food fruit hair flower hair ornament half mask hichi highres kim hyung tae legs long legs mask orange red shoes shoes short hair simple back

The Little Girl and the Dragon Concept Art by John Park  // *Cool concept!

The Little Girl and the Dragon digital fantasy illustration by Adhesive Games artist jparked (John Park) of Chino Hills, California!