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zelda favoritos de fuego Delgren en DeviantArt

Twilight Princess – Zelda fan art by Paul Kwon “One of the old pieces that I worked on! A fan art tribute to Zelda Twilight Princess” View Original Source Here

The Hand... it's awesome to see, people always forget that Bruce Wayne understands what it's like to lose that innocence

The Hand

"Hi, Clair." Batman dealing with an abused child. The grim Dark Knight befriends and comforts a poor child in need of justice.

The Assassin Nation Plot, pt. 3 "Ceremony"__ Script by David Michelinie , Art And Cover Art Todd McFarlane , Thinking it's an assassination plot, Silver Sable and Spider-Man foil a robbery of the Symk

The Amazing Spider-Man #322 Marvel Comics Vol 1

Amazing Spider-Man The Life Foundation is involved in a conspiracy that threatens world peace. To stop its leader, Carlton Drake, Spider-Man forms an uneasy alliance with Silver Sable and the man she hired to stop the Life Foundation- Paladin!

Don't mess with Alfred....did....did Alfred Pennyworth (an elderly HUMAN) just kick SUPERMAN's butt?

You Don't F**k with Alfred!

Don't mess with Alfred.did Alfred Pennyworth (an elderly HUMAN) just kick SUPERMAN's butt? Batman is Alfred's baby. And you don't mess with someone's baby.

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