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Crystal Grid -  Arched Poplar

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Love is in the earth! @homeinthehive

Nature play for self love. This Crystal & Petals Grid is beautiful!

This is gorgeous, but the thought of dusting this is exhausting.

An altar is an ever-changing, constantly evolving sacred space. It can be as small as a matchbox or it can fill up an entire room. Your altar is a place where you can centre yourself, meditate, work m


The common methods used to cleanse crystals from negative thoughts and vibrations. It is believed crystals and gems absorb all vibrations, good or bad, and

Ritual:: How to make your own crystal grid & amplify the energy of your intention (sneak peek of my upcoming e-book AND a free download!)

Ritual::How to make your own Crystal Grids (Sneak Peek of Energized::My Crystal Manual!)