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What type of Ghoul could you be? What type of Kagune could you possibly possess? What powers do you have? Find out now in this Tokyo Ghoul based quiz!

White silence

石田スイ on

Today, will be broadcast "Tokyo 喰種 √A" final story in TOKYO MX from I've thought I'd run out of steam on the way, thank you so had drawn ED eventually to the last.

- Tokyo Ghoul - Touka

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Kamishiro Rize aaa I'm really glad Tokyo Ghoul got an anime! I thought the pacing was kinda fast (they went through like 5 chapters?) but the animatio.

Haise Sasaki by Andressina on deviantART

Quick Haise doodle I drew because I wanna avoid studying for test tomorrow huehue. Too lazy to draw flowers tho.

Kaneki ||| Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art

"Tokyo Ghoul, the poor main character, Ken." <-- yeah I agree with that person