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The state of mobile retailing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhXvLAs96ugbdGdvZDhyb3hMWkhnMjIxMmsyZ0VnRlE=1#gid=1

El estado de la venta móvil online #infografia #infographic #ecommerce

Mobile technology has fundamentally changed how consumers shop and how retailers operate. Get the facts in the State of Mobile Retailing infographic.

Infografía: Aplicaciones móviles vs Web Apps. Hoy incluimos una infografía muy ilustrativa que compara las aplicaciones móviles nativas frente a las Web Apps o Web Móvil que hemos visto en la Web de Elliotlemenager.

Hotel Mobile App : How will it help me? Does your hotel have a mobile app? Do you know that: Over of business have a mobile app?

Mobile Shopping und Commerce

Mobile Usage Continues To Skyrocket [INFOGRAPHIC] By Allison Stadd on May 2013 Did you know that, by mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop usage?

Mobile Apps versus The Web: How iOS and Android are disrupting the Web

Vibrant Symbolic and Abstract Acrylic Art By Artist Jeremy Aiyadurai

Building Mobile Landing Pages That Succeed In Mobile Search   --  Your short-term mobile landing pages (left) may not have as much content as your future mobile website (right.) But the more they resemble each other in structure, the better your mobile SEO will be down the road.

Building Mobile Landing Pages that Succeed in Mobile Search

Turnkey publishing platforms that allow a marketer to quickly deploy mobile landing pages. How effective are these pages in the context of mobile search?

monografia mobile web apps vs native apps by Luiz Oliveira via Slideshare

Vibrant Symbolic and Abstract Acrylic Art By Artist Jeremy Aiyadurai

fantastica fotografia #android #apps   http://recursosandroid.com

Nuance Communications has released a new infographic, The Mobile Advantage, sharing the results of their own mobile consumer preference research. Designed by InfoNewt, this infographic design tells the story of how important mobile apps are to brands.