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The Guard

'Tree Guardians' - a beautiful black and white mono photograph of a small and endearing heard or group of sheep standing in-front of a fog shrouded tree. / photographed by John Trent

ひつじ - Google 検索

Winter Sheep by IrisPhoto, animals snow sheep winter fauna uploaded by on imgfave

our leader wears shades=we follow the leader.

Just another day.

lorenzens-soil: “ Too cool for my wool, too cool for my baaahhh, too cool… ” time to count some sheep in shades…

#13. Big Game Photography

#13. Big Game Photography

we ♥ ......dogs and sheep!

"Everytime I pass this sheep, the little dog is sitting on her back, I'm sure they are the best of friends." ("Free ride", by


Why Wool? Wool is durable, resilient, affords comfort and safety - and wool is a renewable resource! Wool fibers are naturally superior to synthetic fibers, as well as longer lasting, inherently flame retardant and resistant to dirt and crushing.

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"A divided drove of branded cattle passed the windows, lowing, slouching by on padded hoofs, whisking their tails slowly on their clotted bony croups. Outside them and through them ran raddled sheep bleating their fear.

Lama in Times Square? Shot by Inge Morath for LIFE Magazine.

No time to explain. Get in the car. Llama in Times Square, 1957 by Inge Morath

Iceland ...  I don't usually think of sheep jumping, even tho I guess we are supposed to count them doing so.  . . .

it’s never to late to learn something new (Icelandic sheep High Jumping)

It's time to begin three new letters *:✧・ BOKEH ALPHABET CHALLENGE: ・J・K・L・ (Write subjects: L is for Lamb ;-)).*:✧・ You people are showing some fun creativity with this series of themes...I like that, and am sure our followers do, too. Your picture's subjects should begin with either J, K, or L this time...keep checking the board after pinning to catch those repeats (I haven't seen many at all lately!). Blessings....Kate.... (image from Umla Expression)

I really hope to have an enchanting encounter with sheep when we visit Ireland. I know I can see sheep anywhere. But somehow, I just feel that our UK trip won't be complete until I mingle with the Irish sheep.

The best photobomb ever

22 Feelings You Can Feel About Ducks

We are the sheep on the road for life. And look at how happy it makes us sheep!