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The Outdoor Advert titled Bench was done by Sukle Advertising & Design advertising agency for brand: Denver Water in United States.

5 Creative and Effective Minimal Print Ads

5 Creative and Effective Minimal Print Ads

Lego Print Ad This is a super simple, yet super clever ad that makes use of a single image, and doesn't even use copy. It shows that Lego is more than just a toy - it's about imagination for the kids that use them.

Guerilla Marketing IBM. Make people notice you

Out of home really allows advertisers to stand out! I would l love to pick the mind of this creative team.

lego architecture!

Lego in Paris

Funny pictures about I will never see the Arc de Triomphe the same way again. Oh, and cool pics about I will never see the Arc de Triomphe the same way again. Also, I will never see the Arc de Triomphe the same way again photos.

nike run bench creative outdoor advertising examples  #advertisement #advertising #creative #billboard #marketing #brilliant #Posters

Funny pictures about Clever Nike Ad. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Nike Ad. Also, Clever Nike Ad photos.

Weight Watchers - Entrance / Exit

The unexpected difference of scale on the doors for this Weight Watchers ad captures attention.

hot fashion

Yet another amazing busstop advertisement. This time it is made for Caribou Coffee’s new hot breakfast sandwiches in Minneapolis. Advertising agency Colle+McVoy turned this bus shelter into an oven, with actual heat coming from the coils.

for all you Jeep drivers!

Nice little advert for Jeep by Dannish agency Bates Y&R. The Jeep parking space event took place over a few weeks in the spring of 2007 in Copenhagen. The main objective being to make the Jeep brand part of the urban enviroment in a surprising way.

Words kill wars. ------------------------------------------------------- I don't like the content, not saying I don't believe in the concept, I just think the choice of words could have been chosen.

POSTER - This ad promotes talking about issues instead of resorting to violence. It transforms weapons into tools that are used to speak.

Ik geloof echt dat spel de meest krachtige vorm voor verandering is en dat een prototype de beste manier is om je idee tot leven te brengen en te t(o)etsen. Als je die twee samenbrengt heb je de bo…

Gelukkig met vreemden en hoopje plastic.

A Simple yet brilliant Design! 30 Advertisement Design Tips That Turn Heads: Brilliant Case Studies: Design School.

For a camera! There would be a broad, high reach, due to the number of people exposed to the ad. Because the bus is always moving, it would have a lost cost per impression. Although, there is little exposure time and may not be visible at all times.

Outdoor Marketing on Wheels

We love that the wheel of the bus embodies the camera's extremely "zoomable" lenses. The ad is fun and still shows off the features of the camera itself.

#house #garden #arts #machine #repair #diydeco

#house #garden #arts #machine #repair #diydeco

Koleston natural hair products

Funny pictures about Koleston natural hair ad. Oh, and cool pics about Koleston natural hair ad. Also, Koleston natural hair ad photos.