eaumg: Ruth Weyher, 1920’s German silent film actress, with cute kitten and…

Ruth Weyher, German silent film actress, with cute kitty. 61 saves Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companio

Kathryn Carver in a White Stole Collar.  #Stole #VintageStole ; http://acertaincinema.com/media-tags/stars-in-fur/page/2/

Kathryn Carver, Silent film actress during a brief career from She had a nervous breakdown after the death of her sister in She retired from making motion pictures in

Louise Brooks 1920’s

Louise Brooks, born Mary Louise Brooks, was an American dancer and actress, noted for popularizing the bobbed haircut.

Maud Fealy by gardenpea

The stunning Maude Fealy - was a star of the Edwardian stage and silent films. She had a tempestuous love life that included several marriages and a lesbian affair. This beautiful portrait is from a vintage postcard.

Scarves scarves scarves candysaysx.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/whats-going-on-your-head/

What’s Going On Your Head

I call dibs on the turban headband ladies lol! Doris Kenyon, silent film star, starred in a feature length film in Ithaca, NY was from Syracuse, NY

The Freelancer's Fashionblog: BY THE PAPER MOON

Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret by Atelieri O. Haapala, at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival.

Silent movie star Mary Brian (February 1906 – December an American actress and movie star who made the transition from 'silents' to 'talkies'.

carolathhabsburg:  Ethyline Clair, Late 1920s

Ethlyne Clair ( Ethlyne Williamson) 23 November 1904 – 27 February Was an American actress. She was a native of Talladega, Alabama. A former New York art student, she appeared mostly in silent film.

Irene Delroy.

Irene Delroy (Bloomington, July 1900 - Ithaca, June was an American actress who, in the twenties, took part in numerous musical shows on Broadway. Born in Illinois in Irene Delroy opened on Broadway in 1920 in the musical frivolities of


Thalia Barbarova, from the book Decades of Fashion by Harriet Worsley. "Opulent brocade shawls like the one on actress Thalia Barbarova's chair were popular, with some of the more opulent coming from France." Plus, giant perfume bottles = glamor.