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Silly sans your never too big for a sibling pile.lots of people like to draw sans as a dad or uncle to frisk.I like to see him as a sibling to frisk. doodle comics are fun Undertale belongs to .

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I like drawing undertale! I'm Korean, I am not good at English. -please do not steal content that's.

underswap baby sansy>>> *Shreiks* CEUUUUUUWT!!! :3


Undertale- HUMAN shortcomic: Sans the Troll by perfectshadow06

Trololol witness a morning into the life of the Schelton bros! XD poor paps, have to deal with this every morning. At least this is giving Sans a reaso. Undertale- HUMAN shortcomic: Sans the Troll

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Undertale, Underfell, Underswap - where Swap Sans and Classic Paps are the only ones who are not (and will never ever be) drunk off their asses

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Even as a kid, Sans was an intimidating force to be reckoned with. And he always put Papyrus' happiness first!>>which is one of the things I find adorable with these two brothers

"How could I have been mad at him? I know that I should have been, but in all honestly, I found it quite impressive..." NOT ENOUGH PAPY LOVE!!! I was asked to include papyrus some more, so here is ...

I am leaving tomorrow for the holidays and will try and finish, but my laptop may not make the trip. Skelefam- Don't have to hide pt 20

Saturday night hangout- Dadster. by TheBombDiggity666.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Here is a totally out of context doodle. I guess it’s like a Saturday night where Gaster decided to hang out with Sans a little later then a baby bones could handle, lol.

Sans and Papyrus - Night Terrors 2/2 #comic

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