New London Google Office by studio PENSON

Top 5 office designs by Best Interior Designers

desert INK Studio Dubai  UAE

desert INK Studio, Dubai – UAE

The centre piece of the office is a 6 metre long polished concrete ‘collaboration desk’. This is the heart of the office, functioning as drawing desk, dining table and board room rolled into one.

Дизайн интерьер офиса: 65 лучших фото со всего мира

Lookup office, Bangalore, by Bhumiputra Architecture - onoffice magazine

Eventbrite offices by Rapt Studio contain stadium seating and hammocks

Eventbrite offices by Rapt Studios - stadium seating

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Jakarta’s tech scene is booming and with it, the number of shared office spaces that cater to entrepreneurs and digital nomads of all sorts.



heneghan peng creates open collaborative spaces for airbnb dublin office

Galería de Centro de Operaciones de Airbnb’s en Dublin / Heneghan Peng Architects - 18

Image 18 of 30 from gallery of Airbnb’s European Operations Hub in Dublin / Heneghan Peng Architects. Photograph by Ed Reeve

Though the name may sound a little strange, this place is one of the coolest hangouts I have stumbled across. Once a bland 1950s high-rise, this sexy pad has been cleverly transformed into a super-…

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Contract - 2014 European Hotel Design Awards– Bar Monkey Bar at Hotel Bikini Berlin, Germany - Studio Aisslinger


Les nouveaux bureaux de Airbnb à Portland

AirBNB Portland Office photo by Jeremy Bittermann 6

Confidential Tech Companys Palo Alto Offices

Office Tour: Confidential Tech Company’s Palo Alto Offices

Seating as cabinet for a pantry area -- Confidential Tech Companys Palo Alto Offices

This is how they relax in the Google Office of Zurich. Find more offices at:

trend: work-life blending / health gepind in 2017

The Panic Office October 14th, 2013  It’s time. Now, technically, Panic Inc. started in Steve’s bedroom. Then we shared an apartment, then a...

A Fresh Look At Panic Softwares Offices office space, office design, office interior love the color


As months pass by, one element I am seeing pop up in new office designs is that of the tiered seating area.

I need this dry erase wall to write down all of my to do list items… and drawings.

BGT Partners Headquarters / ADD Inc.

This BGT Partners space is colorful and practical with the giant whiteboard, rolling panel doorfor what i assume can be private conference space, and ikea furniture.

Google They offer shuttles to their employees to help with the commute.

You'd Never Leave Work If You Worked In One Of These Incredible Offices

Creative Meeting Room in Hot Air Balloons Ideas interior design ideas and inspiration, with quality HD images of Creative Meeting Room in Hot Air Balloons Ideas.

Downgraf - Imaginative Google Office of Zurich(9)

Imaginative Google Office of Zurich

Zurich office, designed by Camenzind Evolution, has egg-shaped meeting rooms.