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Wonder how all that AoU Cap/Thor bromance went with Bucky/Loki;

Loki has no sympathy for Thor's illegitimacy angst. Aaaaaaaand... I think his helmet doubles as headgear... :)

Odin - about being the worst father in the Universe. I& kinda like the fact that he raised illegitimate child and adopted child,while his only legitimate child was abandoned. Yey for you,Odin.

A boy grows up!

A boy grows up!

Loki, that's not very nice. Coulson will find you for breaking his man-crush's heart!

Loki vs Steve by Phobs -- 'course it crunched because it's not "made of adamantium" it's made of vibranium. Adamantium is what Wolverine's claws/metal skeleton thing is made of