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He sure did

Aww, bunny i love you but you were still a major jerk to poor Jack. seriously you try being ignored and walked through for 300 years! First off, Bunny WAS mean to Frost but he was blind by rage that his holiday has been ruined

Disney princesses got old!

Disney kind of pisses me of. I mean look at their ages, they found love with older men at these ages I mean snow white was And then people seem to think it's wrong for girls to find older men

California->florida>T.A.R.D.I.S> Wisconsin

California->florida>T.S> Wisconsin->North Carolina>Storybrooke, Maine > Middle Earth ^ Ohio

SVTFOE - Clingy Best Friend 2 by byLisboa on DeviantArt

Continuation to this: Clickie I still like to think that, as risque as these scenarios are, Star and Marco are so casual and naive that neither of.

Did anyone else get goosebumps at this line? Oh, look at that, they're back.

spoilers mine *gif dreamworks t jack frost rise of the guardians rotg Jamie Bennett ROTG spoilers right in the gUTS sorry about the gross background in the last one i couldn't fix it the animation on jack is just wow wOW kudos

Their centers. I know it doesn't really go here.

Their centers. But dammmm Jack Frost and I'm just here in the dark fangirling. Also deciding if I ship Jack x Bunnymund or Bunnymund vs Pitch for Jack more.