I want this! I need help with the orgaization though

October Afternoon

Just another very organized idea.

Small places - big storage

A peek inside my crafty space- - Tammy Tutterow

Stack Me Up Bookcase Superset | PBteen

Stack Me Up Bookcase Superset

Attractive storage makes any space more functional. Stack Me Up Bookcase Super Set.

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This is one of the coolest ways to organize a craft room I’ve ever seen. It’s also a little insane, but super easy to see what you have, which is a must for me. Check out her site for more pics and to see her cool paint and button shelves!

МАСТЕРСКАЯ, СТУДИЯ, КАБИНЕТ... Это самое святое место для каждого художника. Для каждого. Кто увлечён творчеством. И не всегда важно. Что это за место... Только ли рабочий стол со стулом, или одиноко стоящий мольберт посреди жилого пространства... Важно другое! Это любимый уголок. Это место, которое заставляет нас даже дышать по-иному... Место, куда мы постоянно стремимся, и где пытаемся понять себя, свой внутренний мир. Но однажды наступа…

Craft Room {Paper Papillon) -her ink storage is really amazing, someone must…

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A Stamp Room {Dragonfly Dreams} - Craft Storage Ideas

Come and take a tour of my craft room! I love my crafty space -- I sew, craft, DIY, and do all sorts of making in my happy space.

Craft Room Tour

21 great ways to completely organize your workshop or craft room: how to best utilize pegboards, shelving, closet and wall spaces, and much more! – A Piece Of Rainbow

A little claustrophobic for me...but I've always wanted a scrapbooking room and if I did have one I would love for it to look something like this. So organized.

Craftin' in the Sweet Spot: A craft room is a living breathing thing! I NEED one of those 6 foot paper sorter racks!

The inexpensive scrapbooking drawers decorated with paper and holding up a table top to make a table.. awesomeness, i love! :)

The inexpensive scrapbooking drawers decorated with paper and holding up a table top to make a table. I want to make this for my sewing n scrapbooking room!

CRAFTY STORAGE: Karin's Scraproom

My dream craft room.or part of a craft room.


Organizar nuestro material para manualidades

office/craft room-love this idea!

Craft room ideas

A Little Bit of Patti: Craft Room Inspirations via Rate My Space

If you do trade shows with packaged vinyl, perhaps a stand like this could be used. Bring it in as it is and take it out still assembled.

Nichol's Craft Studio - Nichol Magouirk has some fantastic stamp storage ideas. I do not like the way these racks look but they are handy so I would make it to fit in a closet.

Holy Crop - that's not a scrap room, that's a store or scrap heaven :-)

quilting craft room organization | so pretty of course not check out these lovely rooms for a bit of ...

Lots of Fabric Storage Inspiration

Thank you gone aussie quilting

I need to set up my sewing closet like this. Maybe then sewing won't be such a chore.

No Churn Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Cute ideas for small creative spaces. Cute ideas for small creative spaces. Cute ideas for small creative spaces.